Molchany endorsed by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Dueling Dems: Rep. Molchany deserves the party nomination”

From the Post-Gazette 4/24/2014:

Next month’s Democratic primary in the state House’s newly constituted 36th District is a contest between the new Pittsburgh and the traditional one, between freshman lawmaker Erin Molchany and 10-term veteran Harry Readshaw.

Rep. Molchany, who was elected two years ago to the District 22 seat previously held by county Controller Chelsa Wagner, represents the new. She’s a 36-year-old Mount Washington resident who came to Pittsburgh in 1995 to attend Duquesne University and stayed after graduation to work with several nonprofit organizations, most recently as executive director of the Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Program of young professionals.

An enthusiastic booster for the region, Ms. Molchany introduced legislation that would expand state education grants to community college students, improve pay equity, give patients greater access to their own medical records and better regulate dirt bikes on private property. She is realistic that, as a new member in the House’s minority party, her bills would not advance without significant help and she has reached out to lawmakers from other parts of the state to build support on common ground.

She has garnered the support of a strong political coalition — Mayor Bill Peduto, council members Natalia Rudiak, Bruce Kraus, Dan Gilman and Deb Gross and Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald.

The composition of the new 36th District, however, favors the traditional, with 70 percent of its population coming from the current District 36, where Rep. Readshaw has held office since 1995.

Mr. Readshaw, 72, of Carrick cited his successes in moving legislation, but most of the measures he mentioned during an interview with Post-Gazette editors were adopted years ago. Last year, he cast a disappointing “No” vote on the state transportation funding bill, a measure that was necessary to address Pennsylvania’s deteriorating roads and bridges and aid its mass transit systems.

Mr. Readshaw argued that the bill was a chance for the Democrats “to take charge,” unlikely given that they are outnumbered in the House 111 to 92. In a campaign ad, he characterizes the bill as “Gov. Corbett’s massive gas tax that funds Philadelphia’s mass transit.” The bill did raise the wholesale gasoline tax, which can be passed on to consumers, and it did provide dollars for the Philadelphia system, but it is wrong to characterize the bill in east-vs.-west terms. It also funded Allegheny County’s Port Authority bus and T operations, helping to stave off more service cuts, as well as numerous bridge and road projects throughout the state.

Ms. Molchany — a native of Allentown who has spent her adult life in Pittsburgh — voted in favor of the bill, recognizing that an urban core like Pittsburgh is dependent on having a functioning mass transit system.

The new 36th District includes Brentwood, Mount Oliver, Carrick, Overbrook, Arlington, Bon Air and St. Clair Village plus parts of Baldwin Borough, South Side Flats, South Side Slopes, Mount Washington and Brookline. No Republican is on the ballot, so the primary’s winner is all but assured of election in November.

Although many voters in the district may not know Ms. Molchany, they will find her a forward-looking, fresh addition to the Legislature — a one-term incumbent worth keeping. The Post-Gazette endorses Erin Molchany.

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Molchany adds progressive support in re-election bid

April 15th, 2014 – One day after receiving the endorsement from the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, today, Rep. Molchany announced endorsements from Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC, the Women’s Campaign Fund, the Steel City Stonewall Democrats, and the Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh.  Make these bullets to stand out.

“I am so grateful to add these groups that represent real democratic values to my re-election team. I am a vocal advocate for democratic causes like marriage equality and protecting the right of a woman to choose and I look forward to continuing to fight for our values in Harrisburg.” said state Rep. Molchany.

Sari Stevens, the Executive Director of Planned Parenthood PA Advocates noted, “To say this endorsement was an easy decision for us is a monumental understatement. Erin brings energy and passion to the fight for women’s reproductive healthcare, while her opponent has spent twenty years voting time after time to restrict women’s rights and health. In the last 12 years, Harry Readshaw has cast 31 votes against access to reproductive healthcare, even voting against an amendment that would have protected patients from the harassment and intimidation of protesters. Erin Molchany represents the views of the voters of the 36th district, and we are thrilled to be investing in this important race.”

Tonight Reps. Molchany and Readshaw will meet at 7pm in the St Paul of the Cross Monastery for a candidates forum hosted by the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association.


Representative Molchany has been endorsed for re-election by County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto, State Senator Wayne Fontana, Council President Bruce Kraus, Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak, 32BJ SEIU, SEIU Healthcare PA, The Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers Local 400, The Laborers’ District Council of Western PA, Laborers’ Local Union #1058, Laborers’ Local Union #373, Ironworkers Local 3, Operating Engineers Local 66, IATSE Local 3, Progressive Majority, Democracy for America, Keystone Progress PAC and Progress Pittsburgh PAC.

Molchany campaign launches first commercial of primary season

Highlights her fight for working families; equal pay for equal work

Our first TV Spot of 2014

Click on the image to see our first ad!

April 10th, 2014 – Today State Representative Erin Molchany’s re-election bid launched the first ad buy of the 2014 race. The ad introduces voters to Erin Molchany’s work on issues like raising the minimum wage and enforcing equal pay for equal work. The ad also features Erin’s father, Fred Molchany, 73.

“I’m glad to have the opportunity to introduce voters in the new 36th to my positions on issues that matter most to South Pittsburgh families.” said Molchany, “I’m also excited for voters to meet my biggest supporter, my dad. I am honored each and every day to advocate for these important issues.”

On Tuesday, Rep. Molchany met privately with President Obama at the White House, discussing her work on HB1890 and the challenges of enforcing pay equity laws at the state level.

“I’m constantly looking for innovative ways we can continue to support all our working families. Equal pay for equal work is not just a women’s issue. It is about sustaining families and strengthening our economy.” said Molchany “Inequity in pay hurts our families and holds our neighborhoods back.”

This Saturday, April 12th at noon Rep. Molchany will be joined by HB1890 coprime sponsor Brian Sims for a meet and greet at her campaign office at 2615 Brownsville Rd in Carrick. The event caps off a week focused on highlighting the fight for pay equity.


Representative Molchany has been endorsed for re-election by County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto, State Senator Wayne Fontana, Council President Bruce Kraus, Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak, 32 BJ  SEIU, SEIU Healthcare PA, The Laborers’ District Council of Western PA, Laborers’ Local Union #1058, Laborers’ Local Union #373, Ironworkers Local 3, Operating Engineers Local 66, IATSE Local 3, Keystone Progress PAC and Progress Pittsburgh PAC.

Rep. Erin Molchany announces Keystone Progress PAC Endorsement


March 4, 2014 – This past weekend at the Progressive Summit, Keystone Progress PAC announced their endorsement of Representative Molchany in her bid for the 36th house district. Rep. Molchany is Keystone Progress PAC’s first ever primary endorsement and highlights her broad progressive support.

“I am proud to receive this endorsement and am grateful tohave the support of Progressives everywhere.” said Rep. Molchany. “I am excited to have the support of Keystone Progress PAC in this important race. Our election is about which direction the party will move in, and I am grateful to have the support of such a prominent progressive organization.”

Rep. Erin Molchany has also received endorsements from County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto, State Senator Wayne Fontana, Council President Bruce Kraus, Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak, Councilwoman Deb Gross, The Laborers’ District Council of Western PA, Laborers’ Local Union #1058, Laborers’ Local Union #373, Ironworkers Local 3, Operating Engineers Local 66, IATSE Local 3, and Progress Pittsburgh PAC.

Representative Erin Molchany picks up labor support

March 3, 2014–Democratic State Representative Erin C. Molchany announced several key labor endorsements today. “I’m proud to have the support of labor groups that are fighting every day for a better future.” “I have been a strong advocate for working men and women in our neighborhoods, and I appreciate their recognition of my efforts.”

Phillip Ameris, President of the Laborers’ District Council of Western Pennsylvania, said, “Rep. Molchany has been unwavering in her support for the working families in South Pittsburgh.  When we called on her to support badly needed investments in transportation that would create jobs for our workers, she stood up to pressure and was a fierce advocate in our fight.”

Greg Christy, Business Manager of Ironworkers Local 3, said of their endorsement of Rep. Molchany, “We are grateful for Erin’s continued support of organized labor. She is a strong leader who we can count on to fight for working men and women.”

 James Kunz, Business Manager of Operating Engineers Local 66, said “Representative Molchany has always shown herself to be a true ally of workers everywhere and we are proud to endorse her for reelection.  She doesn’t just cast her votes, but she shows up when we need her.”

Shawn Foyle, Secretary-Treasurer of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.) local 3 said, “Representative Molchany has always been a partner we could rely on. She is a vocal supporter of unions and we are proud to endorse her reelection campaign.”

Rep. Molchany received endorsements from six local unions:

The Laborers’ District Council of Western PA

Laborers’ Local Union #1058

Laborers’ Local Union #373

Ironworkers Local 3

Operating Engineers Local 66

IATSE Local 3

Rep. Erin Molchany has also received endorsements from County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto, State Senator Wayne Fontana, Council President Bruce Kraus, Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak, and Progress Pittsburgh PAC.



Representative Erin Molchany formally announces reelection bid


February 18th, 2014 - Last night, at City Theatre in Pittsburgh’s Historic South Side, State Representative Erin Molchany formally announced her reelection bid. She was joined by local elected democrats: County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Mayor Bill Peduto, City Council President Bruce Kraus, City Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak and many others.

“We are excited to have the support of so many local elected officials. I look forward to continuing to serve the residents of South Pittsburgh in Harrisburg,” said Molchany. “I am also grateful to have the backing of so many of our grassroots leaders from across Pittsburgh’s South Hills.”

Representative Molchany’s announcement sets the stage for a democrat-on-democrat primary in the new boundaries of the 36th house district, the result of redistricting. Representative Molchany is expected to face Representative Readshaw in the May 20th primary election.

“Democrats living in the 36th district, for the first time in 20 years, have a real choice this May. I know residents are eager for a discussion of the issues that matter to them: transportation, jobs, and education. I would urge them to compare our records and ideas side-by-side.”

“My kickoff event is just one more step in the larger movement here in Pittsburgh to hold our elected officials accountable. We cannot solve the problems of the future with the tools and attitudes of the past. The recent mayoral election is a great example of this kind of referendum on the needs and demands of a 21st century electorate.”

In the upcoming weeks, Representative Molchany will be formally opening her field office at 2615 Brownsville Road and will be launching a door-to-door campaign to speak with voters across her new district.

We Did It!

On behalf of Erin’s campaign team, thank you so much to everyone who has supported Erin, volunteered, donated, phone banked, door knocked, poll watched– the list goes on!  We could not have done it without all of you.


Press Release:  24 April 2012

Contact:  Justin Wasser, Campaign Manager



Molchany Declares Victory
Expected to speak at Redbeards Bar & Grill, 201 Shiloh Street at 9:45 pm

After receiving results from 70 of 73 voting districts, the campaign of Erin Molchany has declared victory.    

Erin Molchany  57%

Marty Schmotzer 43%

Molchany will thank volunteers and voters for all of their hard work throughout the campaign tonight.

Excerpt from Molchany’s prepared remarks:

“What we fight for is what we care about and elections make a difference.  Tonight, thanks to all of you and voters across this district, we made a difference.  A huge difference.”

To schedule an interview with the Erin Molchany tonight, contact Justin Wasser at 412.385.3156.

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Happy Election Day!

Polls Open today at 7pm.  They close at 8pm.  All the excitement happens in between.


Erin needs your help!  This one is going to be close.

If you can make phone calls or work a poll, contact Lauren Stoner @ 717.418.4797.


Needs to find your polling place?


Please Report any problems you see at the polls to the

Molchany Campaign Office @ 


REMEMBER: It is not required to have photo ID to vote in the Pennsylvania Primary on APril 24th.  No one should be turned away for not showing ID.

Candidate Forum, TONIGHT!

There is only one candidate forum for the April 24th Primary.  


Tonight @ the Mt Washington Senior Center.


We need people to come out and support Erin.  Get on your social medias and use these series of tubes to get the word out.  Talk to friends.  Scream at neighbors.


Ask the hard questions.  Ask the good questions.  Above all, wear your molchany swag.




22nd District Candidate Forum
Mt Washington Community Development Center Meeting


Mt Washington Senior Center
122 Virginia Ave

Thursday, April 19th @ 7pm

Democracy for America For Molchany

For Immediate Release:  19 April 2012

Contact:  Justin Wasser, Campaign Manager
Democracy for America For Molchany
National Grassroots Organization Endorses in 22nd Legislative District


Pittsburgh–  Democracy for America officially announced their endorsement of Erin Molchany for the April 24th Democratic Primary in the 22nd Legislative District.  This is Molchany’s first national endorsement.


“This election is about choices,” Molchany said, “and the choice is clear.  My campaign is about community and every organization that supports me believes it is time to bring honesty and integrity back to Harrisburg.  It is time to fight for our community again.”


Molchany has received endorsements from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, local unions and elected officials.  Her candidacy has also garnered support from all over Pennsylvania.  The endorsement from Democracy for America emphasizes the attention Molchany has gained at a national level and stresses the importance of this race for voters in the 22nd district.


“When a candidate believes in the importance of investing in human capital, you know you’ve got the real deal,” said Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America.  “Erin Molchany supports her community and has what it takes to keep Pennsylvania moving in the right direction.  Between her views on job creation her belief in strengthening public services instead of slashing them – she’s got what it takes and DFA is proud to endorse Erin for Pennsylvania’s 22nd district.”


Molchany has been talking to voters on the phone and at the doors every day.  “Get out and Vote this Tuesday.  It’s your vote that makes all the difference on April 24th.”

Erin Molchany is running for the full two-year term as a Democrat in the April 24th Primary in Pennsylvania’s 22nd State House District.  Molchany is also endorsed by Ironworkers Local 3, Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers Local 400, Equality PA, Progress Pittsburgh PAC, Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC, Steel-City Stonewall Democrats, Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh, Democracy for Pittsburgh, Sierra Club Pennsylvania Chapter, Sierra Club Allegheny Group, Councilman Bruce Kraus and Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak.


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