Molchany adds progressive support in re-election bid

April 15th, 2014 – One day after receiving the endorsement from the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, today, Rep. Molchany announced endorsements from Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC, the Women’s Campaign Fund, the Steel City Stonewall Democrats, and the Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh.  Make these bullets to stand out.

“I am so grateful to add these groups that represent real democratic values to my re-election team. I am a vocal advocate for democratic causes like marriage equality and protecting the right of a woman to choose and I look forward to continuing to fight for our values in Harrisburg.” said state Rep. Molchany.

Sari Stevens, the Executive Director of Planned Parenthood PA Advocates noted, “To say this endorsement was an easy decision for us is a monumental understatement. Erin brings energy and passion to the fight for women’s reproductive healthcare, while her opponent has spent twenty years voting time after time to restrict women’s rights and health. In the last 12 years, Harry Readshaw has cast 31 votes against access to reproductive healthcare, even voting against an amendment that would have protected patients from the harassment and intimidation of protesters. Erin Molchany represents the views of the voters of the 36th district, and we are thrilled to be investing in this important race.”

Tonight Reps. Molchany and Readshaw will meet at 7pm in the St Paul of the Cross Monastery for a candidates forum hosted by the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association.


Representative Molchany has been endorsed for re-election by County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto, State Senator Wayne Fontana, Council President Bruce Kraus, Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak, 32BJ SEIU, SEIU Healthcare PA, The Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers Local 400, The Laborers’ District Council of Western PA, Laborers’ Local Union #1058, Laborers’ Local Union #373, Ironworkers Local 3, Operating Engineers Local 66, IATSE Local 3, Progressive Majority, Democracy for America, Keystone Progress PAC and Progress Pittsburgh PAC.

We Did It!

On behalf of Erin’s campaign team, thank you so much to everyone who has supported Erin, volunteered, donated, phone banked, door knocked, poll watched– the list goes on!  We could not have done it without all of you.


Press Release:  24 April 2012

Contact:  Justin Wasser, Campaign Manager



Molchany Declares Victory
Expected to speak at Redbeards Bar & Grill, 201 Shiloh Street at 9:45 pm

After receiving results from 70 of 73 voting districts, the campaign of Erin Molchany has declared victory.    

Erin Molchany  57%

Marty Schmotzer 43%

Molchany will thank volunteers and voters for all of their hard work throughout the campaign tonight.

Excerpt from Molchany’s prepared remarks:

“What we fight for is what we care about and elections make a difference.  Tonight, thanks to all of you and voters across this district, we made a difference.  A huge difference.”

To schedule an interview with the Erin Molchany tonight, contact Justin Wasser at 412.385.3156.

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Happy Election Day!

Polls Open today at 7pm.  They close at 8pm.  All the excitement happens in between.


Erin needs your help!  This one is going to be close.

If you can make phone calls or work a poll, contact Lauren Stoner @ 717.418.4797.


Needs to find your polling place?


Please Report any problems you see at the polls to the

Molchany Campaign Office @ 


REMEMBER: It is not required to have photo ID to vote in the Pennsylvania Primary on APril 24th.  No one should be turned away for not showing ID.

Molchany Mondays! 22 Days left


Happy Molchany Monday!  Every Monday is Molchany Monday until April 24th!  This is our way of keeping all of you wonderful volunteers informed about what’s going on in the field and how you can help. With the primary just 22 days away,  we need your help this week to reach as many voters as possible!

1 hour of your help = 25 additional conversations about Erin Molchany


Our new Field Organizer, Whitney Stack, would love your help knocking doors in her first week on the campaign!  Shifts are flexible and short.

When:  Saturday, April 7th
11am-1pm ‘

Where:  Start at Molchany Headquarters
824 Brookline Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15226
No extra time on the weekends?  We walk every day through 7 or 8pm!

Phone Calls

Not fond of doorknocking?  We provide phones, scripts, and snacks; you provide a friendly voice.

When:  Monday through Thursday 
Where:  Molchany Headquarters (address above)
We make calls all day long too! Come in when it fits your schedule.
Donate food

Too busy to doorknock or make phone calls?  We are always taking donations for our volunteers to keep them healthy and happy!  Feel free to drop off granola, nuts, chips, etc.

And of course, we always need help on Election Day.

If you are interested in volunteering or getting more information about the campaign in your neighborhood, please call or email me at (717) 418-4797 or (412)

Want to learn more about Erin Molchany and her platform? Click here to see her website.

Thank you for all of your support and help thus far – let’s keep working together so that Erin Molchany will be our next Representative in the PA House 22nd District!

Erin Go Braugh in the 22nd!

Erin Go Braugh!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, District 22!

It’s a beautiful day.  The Vice President is in town!  Have fun, today, and be safe!


And watch for Erin in the parade today.  If you can’t make it to the parade, follow her on twitter or facebook.




Molchany Wins Gertrude Stein Endorsement

For Immediate Release: 13 March 2012

Contact:  Justin Wasser, Campaign Manager
Molchany Wins Gertrude Stein Endorsement
Pittsburgh– The Gertrude Stein Political Club of Great Pittsburgh announced by email that their membership voted to endorse Erin Molchany for the April 24th Democratic Primary in the 22nd District.
“It is an honor to be recognized by the Gertude Stein Club as the best candidate dedicated to our community and the only person in this race committed to the service we all deserve,” Molchany said.  “
Erin Molchany is running for the full two-year term as a Democrat in the April 24th Primary in Pennsylvania’s 22nd State House District.

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For Immediate Release: The Choice is Clear

For Immediate Release: 7 March 2012

Contact:  Justin Wasser, Campaign Manager

The Choice is Clear

Allegheny County Democratic Committee has Second Chance at Endorsement


Castle Shannon– Tonight, members of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee in the 22nd district will vote to endorse a candidate for  the Special Election to fill the remainder of Chelsa Wagner’s State House term.  Three candidates will be on the ballot.  And the choice is clear.


Unfortunately, even the clearest of choices can be clouded by the same old political games.


On February 12th, the Democratic Committee endorsed Marty Schmotzer for the April 24th primary. Erin did not appear on that ballot, choosing instead to trust the voters to recognize that she is the only candidate in the race dedicated to our community and committed to serving our best interests.


This election is different. Once the State Party endorses a candidate, that candidate alone will appear on the ballot as the only Democrat running in the Special Election. The only choice the voters get to make is the one the party makes for them.


Voters have been upset that their party leaders chose as their representative Marty Schmotzer, a man who has in his career shown more concern with personal gain than with fighting for the needs of his neighbors. To most voters, a record of having admitted to embezzling taxpayer money is an obvious and automatic disqualifying factor.


Tonight, the Democratic Committee in the 22nd district has a second chance to make the right choice, to elect someone that will not only represent the party well, but also serve our community with honesty and integrity.


Ultimately, regardless of tonight’s decision, Molchany will be on the primary ballot for voters to make the final choice on April 24th. And the choice is clear.


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Erin Molchany Honored as “Woman of Achievement”

Immediate Release: 7 March 2012

Contact:    Justin Wasser, Campaign Manager

Erin Molchany Honored as “Woman of Achievement”

Pittsburgh— Erin Molchany will be recognized tonight for her outstanding achievements and contributions to our community as a Woman of Achievement.


The gathering will being held at the Omni William Penn Hotel this evening and is expected to be a veritible “who’s who” in Pittsburgh and will honor Molchany along with 22 other women in celebration of Women’s History Month.


Erin Molchany will be attending the Celebrate & Share Women of Achievement Awards Dinner to accept the award in place of attending the 22nd House District Special Election endorsement of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee, which takes place at the same time tonight.


“It’s an honor to stand with 22 other amazing women who make our communities and lives better every day through hard work and dedication,” said Molchany.  “The level of commitment these women show inspire me to keep fighting to make Pittsburgh a better place.”


Molchany will be seated with Barbara Bateman McNees, President of the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce and fellow guest of honor.  Molchany will also be joined by her friends and family, and accompanied by her father, Fred Molchany, 71, who drove across the state to make the occasion.


Proceeds benefit Cribs for Kids.


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For Immediate Release: Molchany Seeks Special Election Nomination

UPDATE (3:00pm 3/6/12):  Allegheny County Democratic Committee Chair, Nancy Patton Mills, clarified the endorsement process at a meeting with candidates today:
Committee members in the 22nd district will vote Wednesday, March 7th, on an endorsement for the Special Election in the 22nd District.  However, the endorsement will not be the official nomination, nor a recommendation to the state party.
Three eligible names–Erin and her two opponents–will be sent to the PA State Democratic Executive Board (50 members from around the state) for a separate vote.  The Executive Committee of the PA State Democratic Committee will formally make the official nomination of Democratic candidate to appear on the Special Election ballot.  (Only one Democrat and one Republican will be on this ballot to fill the remainder of the term).
(Original post below the fold)
For Immediate Release:  5 March 2012
Contact:  Justin Wasser, Campaign Manager
Molchany Seeks Special Election Nomination 
Asks for Clarification of Nominating Process

Pittsburgh– Last week, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ordered the Speaker of the House to call six special elections around the state.  One of those six special elections will be held in the 22nd district to fill the seat vacated by Chelsa Wagner on January 16th of this year.

Last Thursday, candidates for the April 24th Democratic Primary in Pennsylvania’s 22nd State House District were notified by the Allegheny County Democratic Committee that the county committee would be nominating a candidate.  Voting by committee members will take place from 6 – 9pm this Wednesday, March 7th, at the Castle Shannon Fire Station. Only one Democratic candidate will be listed on the ballot for the special election to finish the term, while all candidates will appear on the ballot for the primary for a full, two-year term.
Erin Molchany immediately submitted a letter of intent to seek the nomination for the special election.
It is the campaign’s understanding that Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee bylaws charge county committees to make a recommendation, while the responsibility of formally nominating the party’s candidate rests with the state Executive Committee. This guarantees the county recommendation is but one of many factors with which the Executive Committee will make their final nomination.
However, an email from the Allegheny County Democratic Committee seems to indicate a different process.  According to the email, “The ACDC and state committee members in the 22nd district are required to nominate a candidate. This nominee will be sent to the PA Democratic Party for approval by their Executive Board.”
Today, Molchany submitted a letter to both Chairwoman Nancy Patton Mills and Chairman Jim Burn of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee and Democratic State Committee, respectively, seeking clarification as to the process by which a candidate will be nominated for the special election.  The principle question to be answered is the number of names that will be offered to the Executive Committee for consideration.

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For Immediate Release: Molchany Stands Up, Speaks Out to Save Transit

For Immediate Release: 29 February 2012

Contact: Justin Wasser, Campaign Manager

Molchany Stands Up, Speaks Out to Save Transit

Erin Molchany testified at Port Authority Hearing, Demands State Attention

Pittsburgh– Erin Molchany testified today in defense of public transportation to the Pittsburgh Port Authority board today in front of a packed hearing room. Proposed route cuts would eliminate 1/3 of Pittsburgh’s transit services, many of them in the 22nd House District.

Transportation is a top issue for Molchany on the campaign trail. Today, she took time off from talking to voters at the door to send a message to Harrisburg: “This is not a local issue, this a state problem that demands attention in Harrisburg.”

Molchany spoke over thunderous applause as she declared: “Transit should never be a profit driven enterprise, but a public service that we all own.”

Transcript of Molchany’s Testimony

Good afternoon. I want to first thank you for taking the time to listen to the concerns of our communities regarding the proposed port authority service cuts scheduled for this September.

My name is Erin Colleen Molchany, and I am here today as a commuter, candidate and a concerned citizen. I have been a Mt Washington Resident for the past 15 years, and have always considered myself one of the luckiest commuters. I worked downtown for the last 12 years, and every day, I walked to the Monongahela Incline, transferred to the T, and could get to work in 20 minutes or less. I know the inline operators, the toll booth collectors and everyone in between. I loved my routine, and appreciated everyone who had a role. I think this is why I understand what is at stake and recognize that the only thing to do is move forward with bold state-level solutions to funding transportation and infrastructure.

I decided as I wrote this, that I was not going to present all of the critical routes that I think shouldn’t be cut. As the former Executive Director of PUMP, an organization committed to attracting and retaining young people to our vibrant, dynamic and diverse region, I will remind you that an affordable and accessible transit system is critical to attracting the the elusive twenty and thirty- somethings we want investing in our city.

We are at mission critical, and I am here to stand up for solutions and willing to contribute to them. It is time for all of us, who are here and clearly believe transit to be critical to growing our economy, to take this conversation to Harrisburg.

It is short-sided to believe that this is an Allegheny County problem. As citizens, taxpayers and voters, we must re-invest in the idea that Transportation is a service that we all should invest in. It’s how we get to work, it’s how we get to our stadiums, it’s how I get home to Allentown to visit my Dad. It’s an investment, and one that I believe we must be willing to make.

I will support your efforts to work toward a solution that involves systemic change to ensure our transit systems, roads, and bridges are Pennsylvania assets that benefit all Pennsylvanians for generations to come. Both industry and individuals must pay our share of the infrastructure and transit we use everyday. Our roads, bridges and transit should never be a profit driven enterprise, but a public service that we all own.

The Governor’s Transportation Funding Advisory Commission has come up with recommendations and steps we can take as a Commonwealth to prioritize and address our transportation and infrastructure issues. I challenge our elected leadership fight to have this conversation in Harrisburg and compel the Governor to act. We all deserve to feel safe when travelling on our interstate highways and rural roads, and to have our bridges safely constructed by the trained professionals who are held to nothing short of excellence in their trade. Anything less is just unacceptable.

Transportation in every form connects us to each other, our jobs, our families and our quality of life.

As a citizen, I will do my part to call the Governor and express my position. As a candidate for the PA House of Representatives 22nd District, I am committed to working toward a solution with all members of the general assembly to ensure Pennsylvania is known for its beautiful and structurally sound bridges, it’s expansive and safe highways, and its world class public transit systems.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Erin Molchany is a candidate for the Democratic Primary in the 22nd district. She is the former Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project (PUMP). She owns a house in Mt. Washington.

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