I believe job creation happens not just through investment in physical capital, but investment in human capital. My time as a director of PUMP, a non-profit dedicated to young professionals, has taught me that people want to live and work in this region- we need to give them the opportunity to do so.  We must support the creation of an innovative workforce in Pennsylvania in order to compete in the global economy. Learn more »


For over a century, public transportation has driven growth in our region.  Many of our communities owe their existence to the streetcars and inclines that dotted our hillsides. The Port Authority provides absolutely essential services to our city and our region, and we must give it the resources it needs to continue providing Pittsburgh with a vibrant transportation system.  In these tough economic times, we cannot afford to cut off our neighborhoods and businesses from development.

As the executive director of a non-profit focused on attracting and retaining talented individuals to this region, I know that the key to keeping this region competitive is a holistic transportation system.  We can never hope to be a world class region if we don’t have world class transit. Learn more »

Public Services

I recognize that there are tough decisions to make in the state budget.  But I will not support devastating cuts to public services that will unduly burden our state’s residents.  In the State House, I would work to preserve vital access for Pennsylvania residents to important programs. Learn more »


Despite its smoky heritage, our region has become an exemplary model of environmental responsibility.  Our clean air and water have been hard fought and make our region a better place to live and a better place to do business in.  In the state house, I would be a tireless  advocate for using the successes we’ve had in Pittsburgh as a model for protecting our natural resources around the state. Learn more »