Democracy for America For Molchany

For Immediate Release:  19 April 2012

Contact:  Justin Wasser, Campaign Manager
Democracy for America For Molchany
National Grassroots Organization Endorses in 22nd Legislative District


Pittsburgh–  Democracy for America officially announced their endorsement of Erin Molchany for the April 24th Democratic Primary in the 22nd Legislative District.  This is Molchany’s first national endorsement.


“This election is about choices,” Molchany said, “and the choice is clear.  My campaign is about community and every organization that supports me believes it is time to bring honesty and integrity back to Harrisburg.  It is time to fight for our community again.”


Molchany has received endorsements from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, local unions and elected officials.  Her candidacy has also garnered support from all over Pennsylvania.  The endorsement from Democracy for America emphasizes the attention Molchany has gained at a national level and stresses the importance of this race for voters in the 22nd district.


“When a candidate believes in the importance of investing in human capital, you know you’ve got the real deal,” said Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America.  “Erin Molchany supports her community and has what it takes to keep Pennsylvania moving in the right direction.  Between her views on job creation her belief in strengthening public services instead of slashing them – she’s got what it takes and DFA is proud to endorse Erin for Pennsylvania’s 22nd district.”


Molchany has been talking to voters on the phone and at the doors every day.  “Get out and Vote this Tuesday.  It’s your vote that makes all the difference on April 24th.”

Erin Molchany is running for the full two-year term as a Democrat in the April 24th Primary in Pennsylvania’s 22nd State House District.  Molchany is also endorsed by Ironworkers Local 3, Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers Local 400, Equality PA, Progress Pittsburgh PAC, Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC, Steel-City Stonewall Democrats, Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh, Democracy for Pittsburgh, Sierra Club Pennsylvania Chapter, Sierra Club Allegheny Group, Councilman Bruce Kraus and Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak.


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