We Did It!

On behalf of Erin’s campaign team, thank you so much to everyone who has supported Erin, volunteered, donated, phone banked, door knocked, poll watched– the list goes on!  We could not have done it without all of you.


Press Release:  24 April 2012

Contact:  Justin Wasser, Campaign Manager




Molchany Declares Victory
Expected to speak at Redbeards Bar & Grill, 201 Shiloh Street at 9:45 pm

After receiving results from 70 of 73 voting districts, the campaign of Erin Molchany has declared victory.    

Erin Molchany  57%

Marty Schmotzer 43%

Molchany will thank volunteers and voters for all of their hard work throughout the campaign tonight.

Excerpt from Molchany’s prepared remarks:

“What we fight for is what we care about and elections make a difference.  Tonight, thanks to all of you and voters across this district, we made a difference.  A huge difference.”

To schedule an interview with the Erin Molchany tonight, contact Justin Wasser at 412.385.3156.

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